Meet FOX.


Fox is the owner/dyer of Unlikely Fox - Unlikely Fox Fibers. She is a first generation, Afro-Latina on her maternal side. Her late mother, Dunia Denise Grasso, was a multi-media artist, mother, virgo and overall the most important person in Fox's life. Dunia taught Fox how to crochet when she was 8 years old (17 years ago). This was just the beginning of her fiber journey. Today, Fox is paying homage to her late mother ( and all of the creative women that came before her ) by using the skills and passion that was shared with her and bringing all of it into something new and fresh. 

Unlikely Fox Fibers is an emerging hand-dyed, premium yarn brand bringing funky, neon and irresistible colors to the fiber world. Bringing together young, old and everyone in between. 

Unlikely Fox is a crochet/knitwear brand specializing in comfort using the traditional granny square as the base. We're bring tradition ( our ancestors ) with is into our unique and ever-changing. world.